Why to choose a retreat

The original form of a retreat is a special and very effective way to develop another skill, the skill of awareness, like it's a sixth sense.
Of course you develop a yoga and mindfulness practice in your day-to-day life, but it would probably take more time and more effort and it would not be such a immersive and rich experience.

A retreat is about seeing things differently, having revelations, being transformed.
Something very fundamental happens to a lot of people in a retreat: it changes they way they perceive things, it allows their mind to be still enough to not be judging things in the normal way.
It allows one to tune in to what is true. It allows one to be open to change.


Retreat as a metaphor of life

In the context of a retreat, if you are experiencing certain emotions, you have the time and space to explore rather than repress them, and in a safe environment they can become the object of your contemplation, and through this develop a new equilibrium, let the emotions as winds, cleanse you and pass through...
Ultimately we allow the mind to learn a different way to think, the body to learn a different way to move.

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